Brox Cub and Kodi Voss

Kodi is a vers cub but when he saw Brox and his huge cubby dick he had to get it up his butt and we don't blame him. The guys make out and Kodi gets on his knees in short order to get that big cock that Brox has in his mouth. It's already stiff before he even get's it out of Brox underwear.

Kodi worships Brox big dick and sucks on it, then Brox bends Kodi over and spreads his ass open and eats him out, tongue fucking him and getting him good and wet and ready to be fucked.

On his back, Kodi guides Brox's thick meat into his ass, slowly letting the dick stretch him open, it's big and Kodi struggles to take it but eventually opens up enough that Brox begins to pump him deep. A few more pumps and it's time to switch positions, this time Kodi hops on top of Brox and rides him so we can see his thick cock going up Kodi's ass. Next up Brox goes behind Kodi and fucks him doggy style. He's really putting his weight into it now and giving that cubby a good fucking.

Kodi lays Brox on his back and sucks him more, cleaning off that wet dick that was just pumping his ass he really concentrates on pleasing Brox and this makes Brox spray a huge load that splashes all over the bed and Kodi's face, dripping everywhere.

Brox then goes down on Kodi and fingers his warmed up freshly fucked hole while he sucks him. Kodi then shoots his own load all over both of them.

Categories: Bareback Bears Cubs Hairy
Details: May 31, 2019 17 min
Photo of Brox Cub
Brox Cub
Photo of Kodi Voss
Kodi Voss

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