Benny and The Cubs

These guys simply could not wait to fuck - we barely had time to get the cameras turned on before they started going at it. Benny, Skylar and James all had the hots for each other and from the amount of raw anal fucking that happens in this video you can surely see that!

The guys get naked and Skylar warms up the guys cock kneeling and sucking both of them getting them hard. Skylar lays back and James goes down on him while Skylar sucks Benny's bone. Then Skylar gets on all fours and gets eaten out by Benny while sucking James junk.

James bends over to also eat out Skylar and Benny takes this chance to tongue fuck James ass that is now up in the air as he sucks Skylar. After a moment James bends Skylar over and starts to fuck the cub while Benny face fucks him. Then James bends over and Benny goes balls deep stretching out James ass. Benny loves a rough fuck and starts pounding James ass hard.

James puts Skylar on his back and penetrated the cubby but this gives Benny and idea and he gets behind James and slides his stiff dick inside James ass as hes fucking Skylar putting James in the middle of the fucking. James cock up Skylar's ass and Benny's raw dogging Jame's hole at the same time. So hot!

Benny takes his turn on Skylar's hole fitting his dick deep in the cub. Skylar flips James onto he bed and tops James now, getting him warmed dup again and then handing him off to Benny who really goes in for the pounding this time showing Jame's hole no mercy. Benny pounds James on his back and then flips him over and takes him from behind while Skylar watches, mesmerized by Benny's powerful fucking.

They guys change positions and James sits on Benny's dick and rides reverse cowboy on the edge of the bed. This really opens up James hole good.

The dudes lay on the bed and Benny goes back up Skylar's ass sending him over the edge Skylar shoots his load into James hand which he licks up and uses for lube on his own cock. Benny then moves and slides his dick into James hole and pounds him until James cums all over himself while getting pounded by Benny.

Not Benny's turn, he lays back while the guys worship his big bear dick and lick and suck him until he shoots a huge load into Jame's open mouth. So much fucking!

Categories: Bareback Bears Chubs Cubs Daddy Hairy Rough Sex Threeway
Details: Aug 9, 2019 23 min
Photo of Benny The Pooh
Benny The Pooh
Photo of James Duke
James Duke
Photo of Skylar Cole
Skylar Cole

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