Homemade: Chase & Mikey

Buddies Chase and Mikey invite us into Chase's bedroom at home to watch them get horned up and fuck. These two cubby mostly smooth dudes makeout and strip down to their jocks.

Chase spreads Mikey's legs and licks his furry hole and starts going down on his thick cock. They get on the bed and Chase bends Mikey over and eats him out, really enjoying the cub's furry ass while we get a good look at Chase's butt.

Mikey sucks on Chase and get's him stiff and ready to penetrate Mikey's raw hole with his stiff dick. Chase throws Mikey's legs in the air and starts pumping away. He flips him over and pounds the dude from behind some before flipping him back over and fucking him until he pulls out and blasts a thick load on Mikey's hole and slides it back in fucking his cum deep.

Chase then fucks Mikey even more after cumming and fucks out a nice load from Mikey's cock that hits his tummy making him nice and wet.

Categories: Bareback BearSkn Underwear Cubs Homemade
Details: Aug 7, 2020 14 min
Photo of Chase Gaines
Chase Gaines
Photo of Mikey Jynx
Mikey Jynx

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