Homemade: RnRBears

Continuing our series of homemade scenes filmed exclusively for us, in this episode we feature two hunky, hairy, husky, hotties that call themselves The RNRBears. This horned up couple has been together over 5 years but they fuck like they just met on Scruff.

They come to us from their bedroom complete with a sling always set up for those moments when you just gotta have a sling. They make out for us but that gives way to some hot oral attention as cocks come out and the sucking starts.

Getting that big dick wet and throbbing the dudes get into position and the fucking begins. First from behind, his tight hole gets stretched open wide, then eaten out, then that monster cock gets more oral attention to get it to maximum stiffness.

It's time to go back to pound town and boy does that big cock do it's job. The bears fuck hard on the bed with sounds of sex, moaning, ball slapping, and hole stretching filling the room.

The dudes fuck for quite a while until a hard, deep breeding happens followed by the bottom shooting a thick white load of bear cum all over himself.

Categories: Bareback Bears Daddy Hairy Homemade
Details: Sep 4, 2020 24 min
Photo of RNRBears

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