Homemade: Hunter Scott Dicks Down A Bi Cub

Hunter met up with a handsome bisexual cub named Nathan. This bi bro hadn't ever had his hole stretched out with a dick as thick as Hunter's monster cub cock but he wanted to see what it would be like.

Nathan gets down on his knees and starts showing Hunter's dick some attention. Slobbering all over it and getting it really wet and hard. The dudes make out and Hunter plays with Nathan's ass. First bent over the sofa Hunter teases his hole. Then getting him on his back and fingering and eating it to get it ready for the invasion of that thick wang.

They get on the bed and make out and Hunter explores Nathan's hole some more and finally gets him legs-up and pushes in deep. He starts pounding away at Nathan's bro hole and flips him on all fours and keeps slamming away at that tight tight bisexual booty.

Nathan goes down on Hunter's dick one more time to taste the monster that just invaded his cubby hole and Hunter blows a big wad all over Nathan. Nathan then takes a moment to bust his seed as well. Wonder if he could walk normally after that big dick wrecked him?

Categories: Bareback Bears Chubs Cubs Hairy Homemade
Details: Nov 13, 2020 13 min
Photo of Hunter Scott
Hunter Scott

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