Rican Tops David

In his debut scene for Stocky Dudes we welcome David Maia as he gets frisky and bottoms for Rican Heaux.

The guys waste no time and David strips off Rican's underwear and goes down on that beef stick. He sucks and licks it and then Rican takes a turn doing the same to David's uncut chorizo.

Turning around, David presents his ass to Rican and Rican dives in to eat that butt good. He gets David nice and loosened up and stands up to slide deep into David's bare hole. He pumps him good from behind stretching Davids ass out with his thick chub meat before flipping him over to fuck him on his back, legs up.

David climbs on top of Rican and bounces up and down on his dick while stroking himself. He rides Rican good until Rican pulls out and busts his load all over Davids ass before sliding it back in to finish his orgasm.

This is all David needed and as he grabs one of Rican's feet to enjoy he blows his own thick white load all over Rican's belly.

Categories: Bareback Chubs Cubs Hairy
Details: Jun 11, 2021 17 min
Photo of David Maia
David Maia
Photo of Rican Heaux
Rican Heaux

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