Homemade: Chase & Donnie Lee

Chase met Donnie out at a local bar and they hit it off. Donnie recgonized Chase from his videos on Stocky Dudes and asked if Chase could get him in a video for us. Well, of course! Chubby cutie Donnie showed up with a sexy jock on ready for Chase to do some pounding to his big beautiful booty.

The dudes make out and Donnie goes down on Chase, tasting the chubby cock that will soon be up his bare hole. Then Chase gets Donnie ass up on the bed and face plants himself in Donnie's big juicy ass and rims him preparing him to be fucked.

Some more oral is exchanged and then Chase mounts Donnie and fucks him from multiple angles while we get to watch. Chase pulls out after giving Donnie's hole a beating and sprays his load all over Donnie's jock before shoving it back in Donnie's ass to finish pumping his cum into him.

Categories: Bareback Chasers Chubs Cubs Hairy Homemade
Details: Jan 7, 2022 11 min
Photo of Chase Gaines
Chase Gaines
Photo of Donnie Lee
Donnie Lee

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