Gabe Goes For A Ryder

It's no secret that Gabe has a very big soft spot for chubs. Well let's say his spot gets pretty hard actually. Gabe was so excited to play with Ryder and you can tell from the throbbing boner Gabe sports the whole time.

Ryder is happy to give Gabe's cock a ton of attention with is throat and his chub hole. These two got a little hot and hella horny with what ended up being Ryder on his back, knees, and a few other positions taking Gabe's thick thick dick till they both bust their loads.

Categories: Bareback Bears Chubs Cubs
Details: Mar 15, 2024 16 min
Photo of Gabe Behr
Gabe Behr
Photo of Ryder Ridgefield
Ryder Ridgefield

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