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Evan and Connor's Growlr Hookup - RAW
Connor Gibson, Evan Ellis
Evan and Connor's Growlr Hookup - RAW
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Connor Gibson
Evan Ellis
Evan Ellis and I (Brandon) were hanging out one afternoon on a rare occasion where I am not working and a cute cub named Connor Gibson hit us up on Growlr. He had seen our videos and was a big fan. He asked if he might be able to be in a video sometime because he would love to get fucked on camera.

He was in luck, Evan hadn't cum in a couple days and once he saw Connor's hot ass and cute cubby body he was down to fuck. So, we invited Connor over to play with Evan. Why not!

The guys waste no time and this video has some quality cock sucking, ass eating, and best of all, raw bareback fucking.

The dudes make out, the boy's shirts come off and Evan goes to his knees to work on getting Connor's boner going.

After tasting Connor's cock for a bit it's Evan's turn to get sucked. Connor unleashes Evan's dick from his baby blue underwear and goes to town on it. That dick really is a thing of beauty! Speaking of which, we get a nice view of Connor's perfectly furry cubby ass too.

The guys get into a 69 and enjoy each others cocks at the same time then Evan spreads Connor's ass and starts in on it, flips him over and pulls his legs back exposing Connor's furry fuck hole, and starts eating him out. We get a hot view of this and I have to admit I started getting hard at this point myself.

After getting Connor nice and lubed up it's time for Evan to slide his stiff dick up in that tight ass. He lubes up and starts fucking. "Fuck that ass" Connor says, "It's so tight" Evan exclaims. Evan keeps pumping away and Connor is loving it. I even loose myself in the moment and chime in a couple times to encourage them.

This session is getting everyone close to cumming and after a few more pumps Evan pulls out and sprays a 8 gushes of cum over Connor (a couple hit me holding the camera) before shoving his cum covered cock back up in him. This sends Connor over the edge and he unloads a thick sticky load with Evan's sticky cock still up in him.

Stick around after as well because I included a slo-mo recap of Evan's cum shot. For your pleasure! Not too bad for a random hookup, right? ;)
Tags: Bareback, Cubs
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