Dusty and Mason Flip Fuck Raw

Dusty and Mason had wanted to meet up and play for quite some time. They had spent a lot of time sending hot pics to each other and sexting online so when they finally got the chance to meet in person the chemistry and sexual energy was horny as fuck.

They waste little time making out and get their clothes off and Mason goes down on Dusty's dick, getting it hard quickly. Then Dusty returns the favor sucking on Mason's mighty stiff pecker himself. Mason dives into Dusty's hole and eats him out, rimming the cub good and getting him ready for his raw cock.

The guys 69 for a while, both still sporting hard cocks until Mason can't wait any longer and gets Dusty on his back and slides his bare dick right up the cute cub's horny hole. Mason pounds dusty good and we get to see plenty of penetration as his hard cock slips in and out of Dusty's tight ass.

Dusty gets on top of Mason and rides some more before deciding he wan't some of Mason's ass himself and flips Mason over and pumps him from behind with his raw cock as well.

The guys flip again, Mason back up Dusty's hole talking dirty to him and pumping him while jacking Dusty's cock at the same time. So fucking hot.

Mason gets on top and rides Dusty's dick and we see Dusty's hard cock going up inside Mason again and again as Mason rides it.

The guys take a moment and engage in some hot frottage, rubbing their hard cock against each other, feeling their dicks together before Mason goes right back up Dusty's hole and fucks him so hard he makes Dusty shoot a big cub load all over himself which he licks and kisses Dusty with.

Dusty flips over and cleans off Mason's dick that was just up his ass and sucks him good until Mason pumps out his own thick load all over himself. Exhausted both guys lay back and kiss. Another happy meetup of hot cubs achieved.

Categories: Bareback Bears Chubs Cubs Daddy Rough Sex
Details: Mar 9, 2018 21 min
Photo of Dusty Fremont
Dusty Fremont
Photo of Mason Shaw
Mason Shaw

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