Noah Returns

How exciting! Everyone's favorite chub is back and he's hotter than ever! After a long hiatus Noah has met up with Dusty Fremont to get naked and get fucked.

The guys make out and kiss and strip down. Dusty loves a nice big chubby dude and he wastes no time kissing and licking and tonguing all over Noah's body. Noah lays Dusty back and pulls down his shorts and Dusty's stiff cock springs right out to attention! Noah takes one look at that hard cub dick and swallows it down, giving Dusty a blowjob that blows his mind.

Dusty flips Noah over and spreads his big, ample ass and eats it out so well that he doesn't even add any lube before sliding his raw cub cock all the way inside Noah's chub hole. This must feel great because the guys start moaning and grunting and fucking hard right away. Dusty is so impressed with how hot Noah's ass is he can barely contain himself... or his load!

Dusty pounds Noah from behind for quite a while before laying down on his side and letting us watch as he fucks Noah sideways, his dick sliding in and out. He puts Noah belly down on the bed and pounds him some more while on top of Noah.

Worn out from all this hard fucking Dusty lays back and pops out a big load that hits Noah in the face. Noah licks it up and kisses Dusty. Then, it's Noah's time to cum. Dusty gives Noah a very hot blowjob that sends Noah over the edge and he sprays his load all over when Dusty then uses to rub their cocks together.

Categories: Bareback Chubs Cubs
Details: Sep 21, 2018 19 min
Photo of Dusty Fremont
Dusty Fremont
Photo of Noah Elliott
Noah Elliott

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