Chub and Chaser Couple Flip Fuck

Nic and Luke are a young, horny chub and chaser couple. They approached us and wanted to show some chub and chaser hotness in a video. They were so horny the camera barely started rolling before the clothes came off and the cock sucking began.

Nic sucks on Luke's twink cock and gets it stiff and climbs on sliding it up his chub hole. Riding his boyfriends raw cock and bouncing up and down on it he tells Luke "don't cum yet" as the young chaser really loves to bust his nut up his boyfriends ass.

Luke bends him over and starts humping that big beefy ass driving his bare dick inside his big boy plugging him good before flipping him over and giving him a nice wet blowjob. Watching his little twink chaser boyfriend on his knees, ass up in the air sucking his cock gets Nic even hornier and he has Luke climb on and rise his fat cock for a bit, grinding it up inside him hard.

Now Luke lays back and Nic blows his big dicked boyfriend. He licks his shaft and works his way down to Lukes furry hole which he eats out while Luke pounds his cock until Luke blows his load all over himself and his hand. They kiss and make out and Nic licks up Luke's cum from his hand. Then Luke bends over and swallows Nic's cum as it fills up his mouth, he kisses Nic and they share each others cum.

Categories: Bareback Chasers Chubs
Details: Oct 18, 2019 15 min
Photo of Luke Bradley
Luke Bradley
Photo of Nic Matteo
Nic Matteo

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