Barebacked Boyfriends 2: The Spit-Roast

Josh and Jonas (a real couple) had a hot time in their first scene with us. If you haven't checked it out you should. Having Aiden Storm bareback them both was awesome and they wanted to repeat it so why not! This time the sexy ex-military cub Evan Ellis was on call to join them. What transpired will have you edging for more than 20 minutes! If you can make it past all five hotness levels of this scene you are quite skilled at edging!

The guys meet up with Evan and everyone is boned as fuck from the very beginning. Lots of hard cock the entire time with this one.

The guys make out and strip Evan down to his BearSkn Underwear which is showing off his massive cub boner. The underwear come off and everyone starts eating ass. Then Evan throws Jonas on the bed and starts sucking his cock while Josh spreads Evan's amazing cheeks and dives in to eat him out some more. All the while Evan moves from sucking Jonas cock to eating Jonas hole, gagging on it's length.

Josh swings around and suck both dudes off together for a bit before Evan starts the fucking by sliding his raw, thick cock deep up Jonas ass while Josh sucks his boyfriend. If you can make it past this part without cumming you've reached level one!

Now it's Josh's turn to take Evan's long thick dick. Josh gets on his back and Evan tells Jonas to come over and feed his boyfriend his cock. Even then proceeds to pump Josh while Josh gags on Jonas cock.

Not to be left out, Jonas moves behind Evan and slides his big dick deep into Evan's ass, pumps him for a bit and then the real action starts! Evan goes balls deep up Josh's ass and Jonas keeps pumping away at Evan putting Evan in the middle of an all anal bareback spit-roast! Haven't cum yet? Congrats you made it to level two!

The guys fuck spit-roast style for a bit and then go back to some sexy oral with Jonas cleaning off Evan's cock and Evan sucking Josh at the same time. Then, the guys swap places and Jonas goes raw up his boyfriend's hole while Josh continues to suck Evan's throbbing dick.

Now it's level three time! Jonas mounts Josh's ass and Evan slides deep inside Jonas now, putting Jonas in the middle of the fuck sandwich. Loud and hot.

Jonas is ready to cum, so he mounts Evan and pounds him hard until he pulls out and sprays over Evan's ass, making a white sticky mess that we get to see as Evan shows off his freshly fucked butt. Level four!

It's Evan's turn now. He throws Josh's legs in the air and starts fucking. Josh says "fuck me till you cum" and Evan does just that. Evan pulls out and sprays his own thick load all over Josh which Jonas then uses as lube to finish off Josh with his own thick load. Did you make it to this point without cumming? If so, congrats on reaching level five!

Categories: Bareback BearSkn Underwear Chasers Cubs Group Threeway
Details: Jun 3, 2016 24 min
Photo of Evan Ellis
Evan Ellis
Photo of Jonas Avery
Jonas Avery
Photo of Josh Ehm
Josh Ehm

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