Benny takes Codey to Pound Town

Hairy chub lovers this is definitely for you! The sexy and studly Codey Knox and Benny The Pooh have been flirting online for years and we got them all worked up and wow... this is hot.

The big guys get each other half naked and het on the bed to make out. What a beautiful sight it is to see their big sexy bodies on top of each other. Benny lays back and Codey goes down on his already stiff dick. It gets even harder and harder as Codey sucks it. Then Benny gets behind Codey and starts eating his ass... it's a big beefy ass too and Benny is loving it. He rims Codey good slapping his cheeks and tongue fucking him deep as Codey's ass jiggles.

Codey gets Benny's cock wet again with his mouth and Benny slides right up in Codey's chubby hole. No lube needed. Benny gets right to pounding Codey and drives it harder and deeper. Benny mounts Codey from behind so he can really pound it home hard.

On his back now Codey takes Benny's thick uncut latin cock like a good dude because Benny is loving his hole and just keeps on pounding hard. Their bellies are really shaking as they both get into fucking raw.

Codey lays back under Benny's balls and licks Benny's nuts until Benny blows his load all over Codey's chin and neck. Codey lock up the load and this sends him over the edge and Codey pops his wad soon after tasting Benny's cum.

Categories: Bareback Bears Chubs Daddy Hairy Rough Sex
Details: Jun 12, 2020 14 min
Photo of Benny The Pooh
Benny The Pooh
Photo of Codey Knox
Codey Knox

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