Mason Shaw Mounts Gael Ceja

Mason Shaw and Gael Ceja have been fuck buddies for a few years. In fact, they often fuck around while one of their boyfriends watch. Pretty kinky dudes. This video has a lot of hot raw fucking.

I asked if they would let me watch them hook up and feature it here on Stocky Dudes and they were all for it.

Gael discovers Mason naked, stroking off and gets on his knees to help a buddy out. He sucks Mason's stiffy and then Mason turns Gael around and starts eating him out. They move to the bed and Mason continues to whetten Gael's hole to prepare him for the raw cock that is about to enter him.

Mason gets Gael good and lubed up with his spit and then slides inside him bare, just they way they always fuck. He starts out a little gentle but Gael is already moaning with pleasure feeling Mason's raw cock in him.

Mason flips Gael over and fucks him on his back their chubby cub bodies bouncing as they fuck. Mason puts a hand against Gael's neck and plows him hard making Gael moan louder and louder.

The guys move to the side and fuck more before Mason puts Gael on his stomach and pounds him hard making Gael BEG for Mason's cum. "You are balls deep in me", Gael says. Mason says, "tell me what you want"! "I want your cock", says Gael. "I want you balls deep!, I want your cum... please give me your cum, oh please!" he moans.

Gael gets on top and rides Mason's throbbing dick as we see it slide in and out, sloppy and wet. He rides a while and then Mason pus him back on his back and thrusts into him harder and harder until he blasts his load on Gael's hole, shoving it back in and cumming more inside him.

Mason goes down on Gael's dick and sucks him and then Gael gives us all his own thick wet load that covers his whole cock.

Categories: Bareback Bears Cubs Rough Sex
Details: Oct 6, 2017 19 min
Photo of Gael Ceja
Gael Ceja
Photo of Mason Shaw
Mason Shaw

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