Frat Cub Couple Fuckdown

This is a true story. Wyatt and Benjamin are a college frat couple. Wyatt loves getting fucked raw by any man willing to do it. He is a self proclaimed slut. He just loves taking dick up his ass.

His boyfriend Benjamin loves watching it happen. The sight of Wyatt's bare hole getting used and abused makes Benjamin rock hard every time. Benjamin enjoys seeing strangers stretch open his man's hole, cum deep inside and then leave him to clean up the sloppy seconds.

I found Wyatt on Tumblr exposing himself getting anally slammed by horny anon dudes. I asked if he would like to let this happen on camera for you to see. He agreed. I set it up. The obvious choice to fuck him was the very verbal and very aggressive Aiden Storm.

The day arrived and the guys and I all met. Wyatt wasted no time getting together with Aiden and Benjamin sat in a chair nearby to watch everything happen, as he normally would.

Aiden took control of Wyatt and they both got naked. Wyatt's legs are in the air faster than you could say bareback and Aiden proceeds to ask Wyatt about how he likes getting fucked (which is as much as possible and always raw of course). Wyatt tells Aiden that Benjamin likes to watch and might join in. (Foreshadowing, of course.) We can see Ben in the corner during this sitting in that chair stroking his dick.

Aiden starts fucking Wyatt, pumping his cock slowly warming him up. Flipping him over he starts getting rougher, pulling Wyatt's hair back and wrapping his hands around his neck while he really starts to slam it home.

This is getting pretty hot and Aiden tells Benjamin it's time he joins them. Evidently that was all the encouragement Ben needs as he eagerly gets naked and hops on the bed as Wyatt is still getting it up the ass by Aiden.

Wyatt bends down, still getting fucked, and swallows his boyfriends dick. He gets spit-roasted and Benjamin and Aiden give each other a high five while Wyatt the slut is taking it good from both ends. They continue for a while, changing positions and Aiden throats Ben's dick while still pounding away at Waytt's hole.

Wyatt takes a break from getting fucked to suck on Aiden's dick, fresh out of his hole while Aiden makes out with Benjamin. Wyatt moves to stick his ass in the air again and Benjamin eats him out good while Aiden and Wyatt kiss.

Benjamin then wants a taste of that dick that's been deep up his boyfriends hole and takes his own turn sucking Aiden's cock while Wyatt feeds his dick to Aiden. The guys swap places and Wyatt climbs back on top of Aiden, riding his raw dick and bouncing on it good until Wyatt shoots a big load all over Aiden's chest.

The guys lay back and make out. "Who's my bitches?" Aiden asks. They laugh.

Aiden climbs back on top of Wyatt and starts pumping away while Benjamin sits back and strokes his cock watching them fuck. Aiden pumps harder and harder and pulls out just in time to spray a thick rope of cum before shoving his dick back up inside Wyatt to finish breeding him. Next time, maybe we will let Benjamin cum. If you think he deserves it!

Categories: Bareback BearSkn Underwear Chubs Cubs Cuckold Daddy Group Hairy Rough Sex Threeway Voyeur
Details: Aug 11, 2017 17 min
Photo of Aiden Storm
Aiden Storm
Photo of Benjamin Cruz
Benjamin Cruz
Photo of Wyatt Taylor
Wyatt Taylor

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