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Logan & Dusty Tag Team a Bottom
Dusty Fremont, Logan Troy, Zane Astin
Logan & Dusty Tag Team a Bottom
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Dusty Fremont
Logan Troy
Zane Astin
When Logan met Dusty it was a big hit. They enjoyed each other so much (and so did everyone else) that they wanted more. So I found a willing horny bottom for them to tag team. What transpired was a very long, hot, raw fuck session that had them taking turns pounding Zane Astin's amazing cub hole.

The three start making out and strip down. Zane goes right for Logan's dick and starts sucking it while Dusty and Logan make out. Moving over to Dusty's cock Zane suck him till he's hard as well. The guys all get naked and stand around in a circle and jerk their cubby cocks before Logan lays back on the bed, Zane blowing him and Dusty gets behind and starts exploring Zane's fuck hole with his fingers and mouth. What a hot hole it is, too! Dusty eats Zane out and then the guys swap places and Logan gets his own taste of what is about to be a very well fucked hole.

Wet from both cubs spit Logan stands up and slides his chubby dick right up inside Zane's hungry ass while Zane sucks on Dusty's dick. "Fill me with cock!" Zane moans. Logan really starts fucking him good, driving his dick balls deep up Zane's ass while Dusty watches.

Now it's Dusty's turn at that hole. They swap positions again and Dusty slides up into Zane. Logans watches and then lets Zane suck him some more while Dusty gets some ass.

They flip Zane over and spit roast him on his back. We get a good view of Dusty's dick sliding in and out of Zane's hole as he pounds away. Then it's Logan's turn again! He goes at Zane from behind while Zane chokes down on Dusty's dick and hits just the right spot and makes Dusty moan so loud you can tell it was feeling amazing.

The guys keep flipping and fucking Zane's ass until they kneel over him on the bed.. Logan grunts and strokes and pumps out a big load that hits Zane on the face and mouth followed by Dusty who shoots a glob of sperm all over Zane's cheek and mouth.

Zane takes his place between them and they suck on his cock and he shoots his load finally after a long pent up fuck session. All three of these cubs had a hot time and it definitely showed.
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