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While He Watches
Finn Sparx, Frankie Eze, Rayne Raptor
While He Watches
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Finn Sparx
Frankie Eze
Rayne Raptor
Finn and Rayne have been real life boyfriends for three years. They have an open relationship and they love threeways. Finn especially loves it when he can watch Rayne hook up with other guys, this is a huge turn on for them. When I heard this I jumped at the chance to find Rayne a hot chubby cub to play with and see just how much Finn would enjoy watching Rayne fuck a stranger without being able to touch them or participate. I found the sexy Frankie Eze and when he heard what I had planned he was totally here for it.

The day came and all of them met up at the hotel. Frankie and Rayne couldn't keep their hands off each other and you could see Finn was fascinated watching them kiss and make out. He couldn't take his eyes off them as they began to get hot and heavy and soon, naked.

Finn was instructed to remain on the sofa and watch. He could jack off and enjoy, but he couldn't touch the other guys. Before you know it everyone is naked and the sexual energy in the room was intense.

Rayne gets the party started by going down on Frankie's cock. It's hard in no time and you can tell they really are into each other as they seem to loose themselves for a moment in the action. This has Finn stroking his dick on the sofa and his eyes glued to the bed where his boyfriend then goes balls deep up Frankie's ass, raw.

The guys really start fucking and look over at Finn who is pounding his cock hard watching the live porn in front of him. Frankie looks at Finn while Rayne is up his ass and asks "Do you like watching him fuck me?". Finn grins and starts jacking even harder. This comment seems to really get him even more horned up (as if that was possible).

Rayne flips Frankie over and gets him legs up and continues to pound the chubby cub good and hard before pulling out and rubbing their stiff cocks together in some sexy frot action. "You are both so hot", Finn says.

Friankie gets ass up again and takes Rayne's dick deep along with some finger fucking action that had him twitching and moaning. After what seems like a very long pounding, Frankie flips over on his back and Rayne goes to town on his cock, sucking it and giving Finn a show until Frankie busts a super thick, white gooey load all over his belly that Rayne licks a bit of and then blasts his own equally thick creamy cum to add to the pile on Frankie's belly.

The guys kiss and when they separate stomachs, their huge loads have mixed together and thick strings of their cum hang from their stomachs they they lick up. This sends Finn over the edge and he blasts a shower of semen out of his big dick all over himself on the sofa and pumps it out until he collapses back into the sofa totally spent.
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