Homemade: Silver & Chase

Silver Steele loves his cubs, bears, and chubs! He attends lots of bear/chub events and loves hooking up with guys bigger than him. He's got a sparkling personality and a gigantic schmeat.

He met Chase Gaines at a bear event in Texas and they wanted to make plans to hook up sometime. So one day Silver calls us and says, "Hey, Chase and I are going to be in the same city in a few days and we are planning on fucking... want us to catch it on video for Stocky Dudes?" Of course we did!

The result is what you see here. A sexy, verbal, intense hookup with lots of raw hairy anal. Silver gives Chase his first anal orgasm which makes Chase splash cum all over himself and Silver, and Silver pumps out not 1 but 2 loads right onto Chase face and open mouth.

Categories: Bareback Chasers Cubs Daddy Hairy Homemade
Details: Aug 6, 2021 12 min
Photo of Chase Gaines
Chase Gaines
Photo of Silver Steele
Silver Steele

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