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Zeke Fills Noah's Holes - RAW
Noah Elliott, Zeke Johnson
Zeke Fills Noah's Holes - RAW
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Noah Elliott
Zeke Johnson
Fans of Noah Elliott get ready for another horny video. This time, Zeke Johnson finally got his hands on Noah and what transpired was a carnal, raw sex-fest with Noah taking Zeke's hot cock down his throat, up his big sexy ass, and then back down his throat again.

The guys make out on the bed, and Zeke gets Noah's shirt off exposing his chubby chest and belly. Noah's fly come open and Zeke starts sucking on Noah's dick as we watch Noah explore Zeke's back and ass. Next Zeke's pants come down and Noah starts going to town on Zeke's growing pierced cock. Zeke grabs Noah's hair and makes sure he's getting a good sucking. You can tell Noah is way into it.

After getting Zeke to fill mast, the guys make out a little more and we get to see how sexy they look next to each other. They stroke each others cocks and when Zeke can't wait anymore Noah bends over and Zeke grabs the lube to get his dick wet and ready for Noah's tight chubby ass. No condom here! Zeke is going in raw, just like the guys like it.

Zeke slides balls deep up Noah's hole and wastes no time pounding it just like Noah likes it. Noah's moans and vocals get loud and Zeke's thighs and balls slap loudly against Noah's big beautiful ass.

Once Noah's hole has been pounded Zeke pulls out and gets Noah on his back for some kinky ass to mouth cock sucking action. Noah strokes himself while deep throating Zeke from below and eventually gets Zeke to erupt a thick white load that streaks down the side of Noah's face. Zeke wipes up some of his cum and tastes it while Noah keeps sucking the remaining load out of Zeke's cock. Zeke, still feeling horny really wants to get Noah off good so he face fucks Noah with his hand around Noah's throat applying a little pressure. This sends Noah over the edge and he unloads his own thick load on to his belly.

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